A tasting of products classified by country and category.

Asian wine brands will be presented in a grand open tasting – permanent exhibition during 3 days : September 13-14-15. That will allow professionals and guests/Vips to enjoy a comfortable and quiet environment to get to know all of the products presented and benefit from business discussions. This great showcase of current Silk Route products will be held in an hall of the “Green Glass International Exchange Center”.

This service carries no extra charge for the producers. Vinopres and “The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles” that manage the Gallery undertake to adequately prepare products for tasting, screening them so that their organoleptic qualities are maintained. All products in the same category will be presented in identical conditions. Products will be displayed in signposted, duly ordered tables. Each wine will have a label, in Chinese and in English, with the most relevant details about the wine presented.